segunda-feira, 13 de setembro de 2010

Electronic Journal: Hype or Reality?

There ares several devices promising what we are some scientists recognizing "the future of the journal".

One of the examples is this cradle which you can 'receive' all the data of journals where you are.

Really interesting.

How about to use PDA devices, such as IPad for this? 

Hype or reality inside our world?

quinta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2010

Business Inteligence in Local Governments

Several municipalities have in their vocabulary the words Business Inteligence (BI) and its adoption have become seriously in some local governments in United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Recently, I heard about the municipality of Pombal and its use of BI to make better decisions in Portugal. Authorities when see information which can be easily seen through a lot of data from health, education, secutrity, pollution, traffic and others. That is the first option for BI; making better decisions in risk scenarios.
Another view that politicians and public policy management can be seen is the production of performance evalution between public policies for people, servant, politician and others. It could be a good oportunity to learn from the our errors. In this way, the officials and organizations of the local government are assessed according to the results obtained in carrying out its activities and projects. How about a site to transparency all that information? Of course it is a suggestion, but I am slightly convinced that we should be going in this direction within the local government. Transparency and improved diagnostics and solutions.

Ricardo Matheus
Bachellor in Public Policy Management - EACH/USP
Mastering in Administration - FEA/USP
University of São Paulo - USP

segunda-feira, 19 de julho de 2010

Federal government develops MyHospitals website

Federal government develops MyHospitals website

Site will be launched in August, allows the public to compare hospitals, by Lisa Banks. CIO, 19 July, 2010. "The federal government has revealed plans to launch a MyHospitals website next month. The website is being created as part of the COAG agreement and will provide clear information about all public hospitals in Australia..."

Further information on Federal government develops MyHospitals website

quarta-feira, 30 de junho de 2010

Can we shre the same resource?

Imagine if all the public sector was mapped such as an ERP in enterprises. Imagine now you are in a public section, fighting against bia, bribery, lack of resources and others problems. But now, wonder a solution for these problems... recently a group of scientists created in United States a website which purposes the borrow/rent of stuffies and tools by the internet. You insert information about you want to change with your neighborhood and exchenge these tools and stuffies. How about a program such the  in public sector?

Can we share the same resource to develop better results for the citizens?

terça-feira, 29 de junho de 2010

E-gov has 93% of citizens satisfacted

The State of São Paulo, in Brazil, one of the first brazilian regional power which improved several actions toward an electronic government did a survey recently and the results are respectable. In according the Public Management Secretariat, 93% of citizen approve the e-gov program in the state

This is a good index for electronic government in subdeveloped countries. However, how are they using this tool? For example, several actions of the government are in the fiscal area. Still, we have not budget participatory process in any area, such as education, culture and arts, sciences and development, health or security. The index are nice, nevertheless we have others areas could be more improved.

See the report, in English, here:

domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2010

National Brazilian Day for " Adopt your Politician"?

Several people are having ideas toward a better way of accountability in Brazil. The government is doing a nice job creating different kind of portals of transparency in every level of government. Local and National governments are supposed to share the public information inside the public administration in Brazil. There is information even a local legislative organisation has its own portal of transparency.

However,  Brazil has 59,227 elected directly by the people. How about a close on them? There is a way to do it by the civil society? Probably it can happen!

The first step is claculate how much politicians we have, and how much people we need do the work.

If all politicians in Brazil were followed by people for every day of the year, we would have 59,227 x 365 giving a total of 21,617,855 days of work.

The second step is recognize that is a har work, and we don´t have big quantitaties of people disposed and very well organised.

If we take only 1% of the electorate would have 1,470,051 people. If these people were willing to spend a few days of the year to cover the days of one or more politicians would give about 15 days per person. This gives a little more than 1 day per month.

So we have a little conclusion:

If we are considering only 1% of the electorate, ALL politicians and ALL the days of the year. Any change in this, imposed by reality, can make even the smallest amount of days per person.

How we can do it?

The first step is organise this people. Probably it is the worst task for the job. How improve online participation of citizen in following all the actions of our politicians?

The second step is construct a computer program. This system would have to manage the use of "days of politics" and provide an easy platform to store the result of those hedges, whether text, video or audio "embeded". Imagine a platform you can upload every kind of information and type of information. With a large storage it can be the black box of citizen against the corruption politicians and all the bad system of bias inside the governmanet and public administration.

All this database could then be made available in formats usable for numerous combinations and recombinations.


Imagine how cool that would be on whether the project could raise a minimum amount of supporters?

If is it a dream?  I don´t Know. I know that it is the way to improve a better kind of politician in Brazil. The formule is created, let´s go behind the ingredients.

Ricardo Matheus

sábado, 9 de janeiro de 2010

Map of the Urban Violence at Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Since June 17, in 2009, the Deputy Gabeira created an interactive map into Google Earth, to produce a Map of the Urban Violence at Rio de Janeiro.

Several kind of violence have been reported on the Map. Furthermore, there are links to these several cases reported at the local and national media.

Manifold contributions of media reporteds are from citizens who live in Rio de Janeiro. Probably without this contributions the online tool won´t be able to be sucessful such as it is now.

Below is the address for the Gabeira´s Blog:

Map of the Urban Violence at Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Do you live at Rio de Janeiro? Do you wnat to contribute to this map?

Click at here: MAP - RJ