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GovTech 2009 - New Challenges for the Humankind

The presentation of Quentin William, manager of the W3C Office for Southern Africa, "Improving Access to Government through better use of the Web" was high in cases of use of information technology and communication for citizen, show the technology we are producing finally is being apropriated to create an e-government citizen centered.

In Kenya, the project offers farmers Drumnet services market price of the products they sell, product disclosure and sharing of cargo transport through cell phones and kiosks. Already accounts for 7 thousand transactions with economy of $ 2.3 per transaction and a total revenue of $ 16,705 arising from savings.

In Uganda, the project UNIDO offers through 8 telecentres business, business consulting services and access to secure information relevant to your business, services of intermediaries in the distribution of products as well as support the creation of linkages with local governments, regional and national.

In Egupt the Forum for the Future, where the market for prepaid mobile is a majority, a study by the Forum for the Future, showed the benefits of credit transfers between devices in personal cell phone minutes. So, who has left credit will expire and that can transfer to a family or a small business owner may transfer an employee to which it is connected longer. This facility has increased the use of cellular and created a new business of reselling minutes.

Barbara Watson, director of the Center for Public Service Innovation (CPSI) in South Africa government reported two wonderful experiences. A mobile police station which runs from village to village in the countryside for issue of certificates, the basic document for obtaining social benefits. Brazilians can introduce this kind of thecnology in rainforest Amazon. Another project is the audio-book for the illiterate population with hsitories that help prevent malaria and AIDS. Eventually, they learned that it also reached the population with visual deficience.

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