domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2010

National Brazilian Day for " Adopt your Politician"?

Several people are having ideas toward a better way of accountability in Brazil. The government is doing a nice job creating different kind of portals of transparency in every level of government. Local and National governments are supposed to share the public information inside the public administration in Brazil. There is information even a local legislative organisation has its own portal of transparency.

However,  Brazil has 59,227 elected directly by the people. How about a close on them? There is a way to do it by the civil society? Probably it can happen!

The first step is claculate how much politicians we have, and how much people we need do the work.

If all politicians in Brazil were followed by people for every day of the year, we would have 59,227 x 365 giving a total of 21,617,855 days of work.

The second step is recognize that is a har work, and we don´t have big quantitaties of people disposed and very well organised.

If we take only 1% of the electorate would have 1,470,051 people. If these people were willing to spend a few days of the year to cover the days of one or more politicians would give about 15 days per person. This gives a little more than 1 day per month.

So we have a little conclusion:

If we are considering only 1% of the electorate, ALL politicians and ALL the days of the year. Any change in this, imposed by reality, can make even the smallest amount of days per person.

How we can do it?

The first step is organise this people. Probably it is the worst task for the job. How improve online participation of citizen in following all the actions of our politicians?

The second step is construct a computer program. This system would have to manage the use of "days of politics" and provide an easy platform to store the result of those hedges, whether text, video or audio "embeded". Imagine a platform you can upload every kind of information and type of information. With a large storage it can be the black box of citizen against the corruption politicians and all the bad system of bias inside the governmanet and public administration.

All this database could then be made available in formats usable for numerous combinations and recombinations.


Imagine how cool that would be on whether the project could raise a minimum amount of supporters?

If is it a dream?  I don´t Know. I know that it is the way to improve a better kind of politician in Brazil. The formule is created, let´s go behind the ingredients.

Ricardo Matheus

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