quarta-feira, 30 de junho de 2010

Can we shre the same resource?

Imagine if all the public sector was mapped such as an ERP in enterprises. Imagine now you are in a public section, fighting against bia, bribery, lack of resources and others problems. But now, wonder a solution for these problems... recently a group of scientists created in United States a website which purposes the borrow/rent of stuffies and tools by the internet. You insert information about you want to change with your neighborhood and exchenge these tools and stuffies. How about a program such the http://neighborgoods.net/  in public sector?

Can we share the same resource to develop better results for the citizens?

terça-feira, 29 de junho de 2010

E-gov has 93% of citizens satisfacted

The State of São Paulo, in Brazil, one of the first brazilian regional power which improved several actions toward an electronic government did a survey recently and the results are respectable. In according the Public Management Secretariat, 93% of citizen approve the e-gov program in the state

This is a good index for electronic government in subdeveloped countries. However, how are they using this tool? For example, several actions of the government are in the fiscal area. Still, we have not budget participatory process in any area, such as education, culture and arts, sciences and development, health or security. The index are nice, nevertheless we have others areas could be more improved.

See the report, in English, here: http://migre.me/Tav9