quinta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2010

Business Inteligence in Local Governments

Several municipalities have in their vocabulary the words Business Inteligence (BI) and its adoption have become seriously in some local governments in United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Recently, I heard about the municipality of Pombal and its use of BI to make better decisions in Portugal. Authorities when see information which can be easily seen through a lot of data from health, education, secutrity, pollution, traffic and others. That is the first option for BI; making better decisions in risk scenarios.
Another view that politicians and public policy management can be seen is the production of performance evalution between public policies for people, servant, politician and others. It could be a good oportunity to learn from the our errors. In this way, the officials and organizations of the local government are assessed according to the results obtained in carrying out its activities and projects. How about a site to transparency all that information? Of course it is a suggestion, but I am slightly convinced that we should be going in this direction within the local government. Transparency and improved diagnostics and solutions.

Ricardo Matheus
Bachellor in Public Policy Management - EACH/USP
Mastering in Administration - FEA/USP
University of São Paulo - USP

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